*Matcha parfait


matcha ice,vanille ice,anko,soy flour,brown sugar syrup,rice dumpling

Oshiruko small

6 EUR 

incl Japanese tea


rice flour dumpling with sweet red bean soup

Matcha mallow

4.30 EUR


Matcha latte with marshmallows 

Acai bowl

6.50 EUR


acai smoothie,muesli,fresh fruits


Melcher's Honey

125g 2.90 EUR


 40g 1.20 EUR


Honey from the region



Matcha float

4.30 EUR


Cold matcha latte with one scoop of vanilla ice cream and soybean powder for decoration.

Marshmallow milk tea

3.50 EUR


rich drink made with assam tea leaves and milk.

Antique & second hand market

now open daily in my small drawer

Assorted cookies

9.00 EUR (300g)


We prepare refreshment at business meeting, events or cookies as a gift.

(300g is for 5-6 persons.)

About quantity and price, please fell free to contact us.