Caffe Martella


We are offering Italian Espresso and home made French & Japanese pastry  (no preservatives,less sugar,oil,fat in content) in Frankfurt am Main.
to offer you high quality and tasty espresso with hazelnut colour and thick crema like real Italian Espresso in Italy, we adjust the fineness of grinded coffee beans daily depends on the weather and operate espresso machine manually.



Event in september


Please pay attention to the closing dates.

Event in october


~mont-blanc sale~










When a customer asked me about the next Mont-blanc sale, I realised for the first time that my "Mont-blanc day" became a regular event, so I fixed the date.

All the cakes here are handmade,so I can't produce in large quantities at once. If you would like to get more than 4 pieces, please order by 25.10(Thu) by tel or e-mail.

( 1 piece/ 3.60 EUR)

※The photo is a sample image.

Event in november


~cafe to learn Japanese kimono~











協賛・きもの着付け 中村




We arrange a date and a place for those who own Kimono,but have no place to go in that beautiful Japanese traditional costume. 

On this day we invite a teacher who has been working as kimono-dresser so she can answer your questions and you can learn about Kimono from her.

*entrance free

We hope you can spend meaningful time as enjoying tea or coffee or cake or Oshiruko (Japanese dumpling in sweet bean soup 6 EUR incl green tea) on Sunday afternoon.

cooperated by Kimono kitsuke Nakamura

Textile jewelry from Kiryu,Japan
Now I start selling a few items of "triple o" textile jewelry (exhibited @ ambiente 2014-2017)from Japan. quantities of each items are limited,so if you are interested in those unique fine jewelry, please come to see and try them as early as possible.

Our coffee


We offer  you high quality martella Maximum class coffee (mixture of arabica and robusta beans)which tastes sweet and mellow,like chocolate. The coffee beans are roasted in particular temperature to protect delicate nature. 
Roasted and freshly packed by Caffe Martella in Rome, Italy and sent to frankfurt directly.

It is possible to buy coffee beans at cafe.
1kg     23.00 EUR

250g     6.50 EUR   whole beans

250g     6.30 EUR    grinded beans

Our pastry


freshly baked in our kitchen by patissier who learned pasty in Paris and worked in Freiburg. always trying to make good looking, fine sweets with less sugar and fat.



Caffe martella

Friedberger Landstrasse 118

60316 Frankfurt am Main


TEL 0162 567 9656